Download Divine Flame Devotional For May – June 2023

If you’re looking for divine flame prayers for God’s favor that you can download and print out, this pdf is perfect for you. Divine Flame Devotional for May – June 2023 provides an overview of all the prayers you need through the month of March ad April, along with information about our services and ministries.

The Divine Flame Devotional is published by Jesus the Restorer
Adoration Ministries (JERAM) of the Catholic Archdiocese of –
Onitsha, Nigeria. Presently, the Divine Flame Devotional is a bimonthly publication. The Divine Flame Devotional came out firstly
as a means of Evangelization and spreading of the inestimable and
ever-important and powerful word of God to society. Secondly,
it came out to help the Adorers of Jesus the Restorer Adoration
Ministries (JERAM) to focus on God, on the power in the word of
God and on what God cannot but do for them at the appointed time,
their present conditions and situations in life notwithstanding!
Thirdly, it came out to help every Christian, not only Christians, but,
every person: be it man or woman, boy or girl, who wants to know
God very closely and wants to be a follower of God to achieve the holy
aim! The Divine Flame Devotional aims at helping the children of
God know the word of God, read the word of God, and live their lives
based on the principles generated from the word of God! It is
arranged in a way that God’s children, who want to be Champions in
God, will on a daily basis have a reflection that is decorated with the
word of God followed by a Psalm prayer and other prayers. Make
the Jesus the Restorer Adoration Ministries’ Divine Flame
Devotional your daily spiritual companion! You will not regret it if
you do! Instead, you will see yourself becoming a Champion in God,


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