Happy Birthday Rev. Fr. Remy 09/10/2021

All members of Jesus the Restorer Adoration Ministries wish to use this opportunity to let you understand that you are a blessing to us, as well as our relatives. In spite of the fact that there aren’t a lot of chances to state this openly, it’s a known truth.

You are an anointed person, full of the Holy Spirit yet, down to the world. Your lifestyle has been an inspiration for us all members of JERAM. Within this new era of yours, may blessings continue to overflow in your life.

Happy birthday, our spiritual pioneer. The words you discuss within our life manifest in enormous ways. Most of all, you have directed us to some profound partnership with God our Maker. Live long and thrive. Your worth is much above diamonds that are pricey. Your sermons has educated us alot. Everything which you just do to all of us will be rewarded by our God Almighty.

Happy Birthday Aka-epuchi-onwa na Ime chineke!, Happy Birthday Aka-epuchi-onwa na nkpor!!, Happy Birthday spiritual director Jesus the restorer adoration ministries Anambra Nigeria!!! As you celebrate your day today, we wish you many more years in God’s vineyard and May the almighty God protect you and give you more strength to continue doing his work in Jesus name Amen.



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